plantPOP is a horticultural studio I was contracted with to produce a season of short documentaries. We covered human interest stories that held plants at the heart. Here is the trailer for the overall project: “BRANCHING.”

Here is a highlight from the stories covered: professional jester Paulo Garbanzo really really really loves his greenhouse.

Here are the rest of the stories I produced, which cover the CRAFT, CONNECTIONS, and COMMERCE of plants:

Contemporary Painter Julia Gabrielov
Faux Bois Sculptor Diane Husson
Botanical Illustrator Lynne Frailing
Painter Lauren Elyse

Garden Breakfast Club at School
Homesteader Nadira Grubbs

Florist Marissa Digirolamo
Floral Phone Cases by Kelsie McNair
Smart Plant Pots by Akin
Otzi Tattoo Agency


Reel highlighting films I have produced and edited. Also includes some storyboarding work.

Mehaffey Editing/Producing Reel from Kris Meh on Vimeo.


Storybook is a fantasy short inspired by the aesthetic of Alice in Wonderland and The Legend of Zelda. Plans are in the works to continue it as a comic.

Storybook from Kris Meh on Vimeo.

For more film work, visit my vimeo